Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Manila Trip (Day 3, Feb 20 2011)

Aww! The final day of our trip. Our flight back was scheduled to depart at 11:25am, hence we had to wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy...

Alright, back to the serious stuff. We woke up at 6 ish, left Lotte's place around 7am. Grabbed McD drive-thru along the way and headed towards the bus station.

Such a pity. Wished the stay was a week longer. But alas, thanks to Air Asia, now everyone can fly! Will definitely come back soon :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Manila Trip (Day 2, Feb 19 2011)

Day 2
Alright! PH is the place where the sun rises earlier than my mother.

So, at 6am, the skies would look like 8am in KL. Therefore, we had to blend into the culture and wake our lazy-asses up from the bed.

Today was sightseeing day!! Lotte and Teddy had promised to take us to Old Manila. And by us, I mean, the 2 clueless Malaysian girls and a fellow Thai beatboxer who seems to think that everytime he hears sth that sounds eerily close to "Pol", people are calling/ wishing him.

Rocker chick, Lotte, with the tourists.

Doesn't that picture look like a freeze-shot of some pop band? Haha, wishful thinking.

The reason why we posed for this photo was to mask the fact that we wanted to see who on earth those people behind us were! Nurses? Nuns? No one really knows.

Pol doing the Nike Air slippers commercial.

Pol: I'm just curious, does the gun have bullets in it?
Yan: Why don't you try sth and we'll find out soon enough.

Then came lunch time. This time, no Thai food. Instead, we opted for PH-fusion. Did I get it right?

So after Old Manila tour, we girls (Lotte and I) decided to go for a female-earned pampering session called spa. So here is how Lotte decided on that place.

Hmm, I think Wensha Spa doesn't sound that dodgy, right?

Last glimpses of our wonderful host.

Spa was awesome. Cheap and satisfying. Could not have asked for a better combination.

By the time we were done with the unlimited shabu-shabu at the spa house, it was already dark. So, we decided to head out to the SM Mall of Asia to watch our Pyromusical Festival event. During that weekend, it was Portugal going against UK. If you are interested, the video has already been uploaded onto my fb page. Feel free to go and watch.

Capturing that happy-snap before Portugal started blasting it's barge-load of fireworks again.

Phew, overcrowded. I honestly believed there were at least 1 million people at SM Mall that night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Manila Trip (Day 1, Feb 18 2011)

Day 1

My very first outstation trip of the year. Yes!! I was so looking forward to it. Firstly because my wonderful and awesome MA friends are there and secondly, there is Mr Tony Fernandes to thank for such cheap flight tickets (but I'm still dissatisfied that I had to pay my airport tax when I returned. Anyway, that's a separate story, I will take it offline with you Mr Fernandes).
Rina and I woke up as though we had to sahur (Malay language for eating like there's no tomorrow during the fasting month). Well, Rina had it worse cuz I think she woke up at 3am and only managed to get a 2 hours' worth of shut-eye prior to that. As for me, I have my house location to thank for. Only 20 minutes away from LCCT. Ah, the little things in life :)

Anyway, flight was at 7:25am via AK662. Reached there around 5:30am and went for check-in. Flight departure was delayed for 30min or so (damn you AA!), so obviously that would translate to us reaching Philippines (from hereon shall be known as PH). So when we reached around 11:30am or so, I texted Teddy (our multi-role-playing MA friend, as shall be demonstrated later).
We landed at this airport which is like 2 hours away from Manila city (kill me!) and which would also obviously mean that Teddy had to drive ALLLLL the way to the airport and brave through the 2 hours journey back to Manila as well. Now, this is the moment where I have to express my utmost gratitude for such wonderful hospitality shown by my friends. *sob sob*
Anyway, when we landed, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Was Lotte pulling my leg when she told me that the weather in Manila has been around 25 degrees or so?" Man!!! It was scorching hot and I could see poor Teddy running towards his parked car like 200 meters away (with no umbrella!).
So, yea, Teddy eventually came to pick up our luggage (and us) and we drove back to Manila city. Wow, if you thought jams in KL were bad, you are absolutely wrong. Come to Manila and experience the joys of driving in bad jams and bad drivers (with offensive/ defensive driving skills). But the horror of being stuck in a jam wasn't that bad cuz there were some pretty interesting sights to be marvelled at. Reference below.
Yan: Oh wow, banana plants
Teddy: Nope, those are just grass (said nonchalantly with a Tagalog accent)
Yan: Okayyy.... (silence for the next 5 minutes)

Rina and I in the car, while Teddy went to answer nature's call.

Ahh, coloured air. We have that in KL as well.
Billboards. Like really, lots of 'em.
They are HUGE.
....and distracting.
Now you see what I mean?
This is their version of LRT/KTM/monorail.
Cheap and widely available.
After taking like 20.5 light years to reach the Manila city, we headed straight to Eastwood Mall (which is like super near to the Citibank Consumer building). Went to one of the restaurants for Thai food.
I love Citibank.
Ooo la la.
Waiters and waitresses going the extra mile; performing to a song and dance. In fact, I was made to understand that the traffic policeman do that as well. Too bad I did not have a chance to witness it.
Pretty cool huh?
Prior to going to PH, friends have warned me to be careful due to the recent incidents that took place in Manila (bombing, kidnapping, etc). However, when I reached to the city, I got the exact opposite feeling. So for those that are having doubts about going to PH, here is when I do my sales pitch: GO! You would feel so much more at home than you are in Malaysia or anywhere else in Asia. People there are super friendly and they speak very sweet-sounding English. I could not have been more amazed by their hospitality. It is really indeed PH (Philippine Hospitality), unlike some stupid-ass country that claims to provide that kind of hospitality as well. You know what I'm talking about.
So yea, back to my story. In the midst of having our Thai food (can you believe it? came all the way for Thai food? the irony), Lotte showed up and after that, we proceeded to this mall for a little shopping :)
OH MAI GAWD. You would not believe how HUGE their malls are. This mall that I went to (and it's not even the biggest one yet) was seriously huge. Probably twice the size of Mid Valley. There was so many of everything, dresses, tops, shoes, bags, this that knick knack paddy whack. I bought 3 baby cardigans and a pair of slippers. Guess how much were the cardigans?
When I went to the cashier to pay, I was again WOW-ed by such amazing hospitality and customer service. There were 3 ladies at the cashier; 2 of the ladies were looking through my cardigan, I was like "Come on people, just get on with it already. I have more shopping to do!"
Then suddenly one of the ladies said to me, "Excuse me ma'am, there is a slight defect (some loose threads forming a 1mm hole on my pink cardigan) on this cardigan. Would you still like to proceed?". That moment, I felt like I was the Queen of the world, getting such VIP treatment. Then I asked her back, "Erm, is there another spare at the rack? Do you want me to go to the rack and get it?". She replied, "No ma'am, just wait here. We will get it for you."
As I recollect on my experience that day, I thought to myself, "Where on earth in KL can you see our cashiers doing that?" In fact, they would even try to hide the defect and quickly try to sell it off. Our Malaysian customer service staff can definitely learn something from this experience.
Anyway after all that, we headed to Greenbelt to have dinner and also to meet up with the rest of the MAs.
Yes, we came all the way to Manila to have Thai food. I bet that's the irony that Pol's considering as he flashes us with that smile of his. But food's great, no complaints :)
We The Kings performing at Greenbelt. The day could not have been any better :)
After chilling and catching up over dinner for more than 4 hours (I think!) at the Thai place, we decided to call it quits for the night.
Tomorrow's gonna be sight-seeing day! Yee-hah!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kita- The Flash Mob (June 6th)

Phew! That's all I can say, after a long but fruitful day out with young folks who are matured in mind. It was an awesome experience and I would like to share that with you.
Woke up at 7am this morning. Damn tired cuz yesterday night I attended a colleague's wedding dinner at TTDI. Anyway, that's besides the point. OK, after waking up, I checked the CausePlay inbox to see whether there were any last min matters that needed to be taken care of for today's mob. None. Checked the fb wall. None. OK, went to get ready, and headed off to the ERL station.
Reached KL Sentral around 8:29am. Obviously, no one was there. Ah, I remember now. I would have hung out more at the ERL Waiting Lounge, but there was a blind man sitting beside me in the train, so I had to guide him up to the exit area, hence I couldn't hang out in the Waiting Lounge. Anyway, so, I went to Burger King to wait for the rest of the CausePlayers.
Ping! I see the guys from IACT College lugging bags of T-shirts and freebies and also posters. Amazing kids I tell you! Went to introduce myself. They're so damn cool, with their tattoos, sense of fashion, hair, glasses, piercings. How I wish I had lived that path during my teens. Hmm *dreamy*
Anyway, slowly one by one the CausePlay mobbers started trickling into the meeting point. By then, it had already been 9:10am.
So, finally we headed into the bus (our designated "flash mob tour" bus), with our McD breakfast sets waiting for us :) Yummeee..
First stop was Times Square at 10:30am. We started off by singing the "Negaraku" while being blindfolded. Then the IACT lecturer recited a poem by A. Samad Said. We removed our blindfolds and started singing childhood songs. It was so awesome cuz it was accompanied by the kompang. The shoppers were just staring at us, some taking photos, some shooting videos.
Next, we headed off to Central Market. Yes, I know, probably one of the more dodgier places in the heart of KL City. It was kinda like Chow Kit Street, with all the stalls selling arts and crafts. Saw this stall inside Central Market selling T-shirts with really catchy statements printed on them. E.g., "Naked Inside" using the Intel Inside logo. Wanted to buy one of the shirts, but they were trying to rip me off for RM35. I was like, you might as well rob me in bright daylight.
So, at 12pm (I think), we did our thing again at the area near the kereta lembu. Cool, had better responses from the crowd, cuz Central Market being the area where tourists frequent and not forgetting the very very dodgy immigrant workers.
Next, we headed off to Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. When we first landed, we got a vanilla sundae. Yippee! Then we went around the complex with our Kita T-shirts on, drawing a lot of attention from the public cuz they were thinking that we were from some kinda mob (like a kongsi gelap), which is kinda true right? We ARE a flash MOB group :)
So, at 2pm (I think), we did our thing again, right smack in the front entrance. People from McD and the shoppers were watching but didn't really do much (except for one lady that was recording our gig). So, I told Kim that the crowd was kinda "stoned" and she took it as "they were too stoned cuz our gig was so awesome". Right.
Then, we had our lunch at the park (by the lake) opposite Kompleks PKNS. Nice view (but dirty water), slightly breeezy but damn hot. Good company. Everyone just sat on the benches and ate the nasi goreng.
After that, we headed off for our last stop which was at Lot 10. This time, we didn't sing. Instead, all of us did a formation in a straight line, hands locking with the person next to each other, while being blindfolded, did a freeze. So, technically it was a blind freeze. Damn awesome cuz you know Lot 10 being a hot spot for tourists, we managed to get the attention and awareness that we wanted.
So, all in all, tiring day but really amazing. Enjoyed meeting fun and young people (cuz they make me feel young) and learning from them at the same time :)
Shoutout goes out to:
Siti Zurya
Elina Suyani
Aris Hushaini
Mohd Faisal
Danial Hasif
Muhammad Amirul
Mohd Fazrin Shah
Ainul Hafzan
You guys ROCK!! Looking forward to next week's!! :):)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quarter Finals: R16 SEA Final

Wakaka Fever (MY) vs Big Toe (VN)

R16 Southeast Asia Final Judges

Bboy Free (Soul Shifters Crew)

Bboy Born (Rivers Crew)

Bboy The End (Gamblerz Crew)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

VFM: The Videos

Here you go. Enjoy!!